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  • We are Phi Delta Theta

    The pinnacle of fraternal and professional societies, centered on the potential of each brother, the unquenchable thirst for personal development and the lifelong values of friendship, sound learning and rectitude.

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    Phi Delta Theta is always looking for young men who have great character and motivation. If you are looking to make the most of your college experience (and beyond), learn more about joining Phi Delta Theta.

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We are brothers for more than the time you are in school. At Phi Delta Theta, we build a brotherhood that does not dissolve.

Sound Learning

Academics are our highest concern at Phi Delta Theta. We are all here to go to school, and do not lose sight of why we are here.


We constantly uphold the honor and dignity of Phi Delta Theta. We hold each other accountable for our actions.

Our Mission

Phi Delta Theta was built on three pillars that haven’t budged an inch since the Fraternity was founded by “The Immortal Six” way back in 1848 at Miami University. The pillars are: The cultivation of friendship among its members, the acquirement individually of a high degree of mental culture, and the attainment personally of a high standard of morality. Shortened, we refer to the principles as friendship, sound learning and rectitude.


"We strive to create a society that is relevant and empowering to university men: a self-governing brotherhood, in the best interest of all, for pursuit of moral and intellectual culture, by which we achieve our full potential individually and collectively."
- Taylor Parker president

Brotherhood for Life


"We are the inheritors of the efforts of countless university students' efforce since the mid-nineteenth century. Our one hundred-sixty year history is a testment to the success of Phi Delt Theta to create a society that empowers the lives of its individuals and enriches their university experience."
- David Boyd Alumni

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President - Thomas Hezel / (901) 343-3724 / fkf486@mocs.utc.edu
Vice President - Colten Marcum / (865) 202-3195 / ypb977@mocs.utc.edu
Treasurer - Tristan Brown / 865-206-0970 / qdv923@mocs.utc.edu
Social Chair - TBD / TBD / TBD

Secretary - Forrest Robertson / (615) 587-7755 / yfb557@mocs.utc.edu
Philanthropy Chair - TBD / TBD / TBD
Recruitment Chairman - Braley Gentry / (615) 962-1211 / vln369@mocs.utc.edu